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Safety & Security

                        Himalaya Journey Trekking and Expedition emphasis on safety adventure trekking in Nepal Himalaya thus most of the our clients feel more comfortable and travel through. It is great pleasure to inform all of clients till now safety and security operating system create huge number of trekkers/ travelers make adventure trip through our organization. For the safety and security reliable trekking agency , team work and trekking staff has vital role thus we always committed to provide the safety and security entire their journey in Nepal Himalayas. We have permanent trekking staff that is the reason every trekkers/ travelers feel that safety /security while the make trekking , adventure tours and mountaineering through our organization. We have experienced trekking guide, climbing/mountaineering guide , trekking porters with lot of skill about the holiday adventure trip to Nepal so their experience and skill make always safety adventure trekking Nepal. We determined the trekking staff according to group size because of the services and no body will be alone while they are trekking in Nepal Himalaya. As rule and regulation of our company, every two person get one professional trekking guide and porters who will carry trekkers/ travelers bag entire the trekking tour as tea house basis trekking and trekking guide, trekking cook and required porter for camping trekking. We do have women trekking guide and porters if female trekkers wish to have it entire their adventure trip to Nepal. All of our staff will be always with you while you are trekking and mountaineering in Nepal Himalaya and they always follow till your destination for help.

Nevertheless , our staff always follow in whole trip and Some of the safety rules we advise you to stand for adventure trip in Himalayas:

  • Do not trek alone
  • Try to follows with our trekking staff
  • Be sure for your valuable thing such as Camera, Money and passport.
  • Do not make a display of wealth
  • keep belongings secure and within sight
  • Make arrangements for handling emergency situations before hand.
  • Register personal information and trekking details with respective embassies.
  • Buy a traveler comprehensive insurance policy that covers helicopter rescue cost.
  • Leave a copy of details with us in Kathmandu.

Environmental Issues

Himalaya Journey Treks and Expedition is eco friendly trekking agency based in Nepal thus we always committed to the protection of the environment. We always request our valued /respected clients /Trekkers/Travelers follow and admire the local culture, be devoted to animal, birds and nature.  HJT objective to promote understanding between the traveler/ Trekkers and the local people by creating culturally sensitive travel programs while they are in adventure trip. We truly want you, the traveler to experience the heartfelt warmth of the local people and open up your imaginations to the local people’s way of life. Our organization representative, staff such as trekking guide with tour operator annually visit to the local people for social awareness , preserve the wild animals, landslide , preservation and utility of the jungle, Kerosene and Gas use for the cooking in tea houses specially three popular trekking trails of Nepal Annapurna region , Everest region and Langtang region. Since established of our organization , we always emphasis eco friendly trekking  in Himalayas.

For Eco friendly trekking the following rules must be followed while you are trekking, tours, Expedition:

  • Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition always responsible in environmental /eco friendly trekking ,tour, Mountaineering in Nepal , Tibet, Bhutan, India and Pakistan while we operate tented /camping trekking, tour and expeditions.
  • Ensure that try to follow their custom /tradition while you are trekking , tour or mountaineering.
  • Ensure that your trekking company supplies sufficient kerosene or gas for cooking. So as not to place demand on dwindling wood supplies.
  • Dispose biodegradable waste properly and carry non-biodegradable waste out of the area or get your trekking crew to Construct a waste pit. Waste pits should be well away from natural water course.
  • Ensure that campsites are left clean and that toiler pits are properly filled in after use. If using toilet paper, you should bury or burn it.
  • Bring along your own water bottle and treat water yourself instead of buying plastic bottles along the way.
  • When washing or showering you should use eco-friendly soaps and shampoos. In remote and dry areas you should limit your water usage.
  • Do not drop your litter along the trail and discourage fellow trekkers from doing the same thing.
  • Dress appropriately and respect the customs of the local people. Always ask before taking photos, entering homes or passing on peoples land.

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