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Bhutan Travel Information                        Bhutan (Druk Yul) is the last Mahayana Buddhist kingdom & Thunder dragon nation in the world that lies in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas The lush green valleys, virgin forests, clear fast flowing rivers and an enthralling landscape have made Bhutan an exclusive tourist destination. The  Bhutan kingdom has some of the most famous sites in the world for Buddhist pilgrims. Traveling in Bhutan offers most adventure package trip, lifestyle of the people, visit significant sights, relax and take in the elegant mountainous surroundings, and come away with the sense that you've had an adventure of a lifetime and a fulfilling trip to Bhutan. You will travel Bhutan in comfort yet be immersed in Bhutanese traditions, culture, architecture, and atmosphere during your tour. Bhutan remained isolated from the rest of the world and no tourism existed until 1974 preserving the rich natural environment and lively Buddhist culture. Now Bhutan has become one of the most exotic destinations for many international travelers. Every traveler has a lot to anticipate as each minute is exciting to discover a kingdom with incredibly unique and treasured tradition, culture, religion and natural environment which Bhutanese people still strives to preserve in the face of modernity. Traveling in Bhutan is a unique and amazing experience, since Bhutan is still an off-the-beaten-path destination.

                        There are two ways by which you can travel to Bhutan: Either by Drukair air or overland through Phuntsholing, a small town in south Bhutan bordering Indian state of West Bengal. Drukair the national air carrier of Bhutan services to and from Bangkok, Delhi, Kathmandu, Kolkotta and Dhaka. Overland entry from Phuntsholing is more convenient if you wish to tour Sikkim and Darjeeling before your tour in Bhutan.While you can exit from Samdrup Jongkhar, a town in south east of Bhutan bordering Assam.  This exit is more convenient if you wish to tour Assam after Bhutan without having tracing back the same lateral route back to Paro for your flight to other destinations. Apex Nepal Adventure arrange the Bhutan trip packages are all-inclusive, and logistics are arranged before you arrive for your travel in Bhutan. The tour packages include accommodation, meals, overland transport within Bhutan, sightseeing, a local tour guide, and a supply of pack animals for treks. For the Bhutan travel and adventures package trip required special  permit which will arrange from HJT professional  with local travel agents of Bhutan. For the Bhutan  travelers who look for more than conventional tourist attractions, and desire to experience Bhutan’s fascinating traditions, Apex Nepal Adventure Treks and Expedition  opens doors and takes you into the heart of a rich and thriving culture, unique art and architecture and above all, the people whose simple lifestyle will make your Bhutan  amazing experience.

Bhutan travel general information

Population: 7,00,000 (1996)

Capital: Thimphu

Location: Bhutan lies between 89 degree and 92 degrees E and 27 degrees nd 28 degrees N.

Language: Dzongkha Traveling in Bhutan by air and By road:

You can enter into Bhutan by road through Phuentsholing in the south or by air at Paro. Druk Air, the national carrier, is the only airline servicing Bhutan operating from these cities: Bangkok, Delhi, Kathmandu, Calcutta, and Dakha.

Visa: All foreign nationalities require a visa for Bhutan. We will need a completed visa application from you and should be faxed or e-mailed to us at least 6 weeks prior to arrival in Bhutan. The actual visa will be issued in your passports at the entry points, either Paro airport or Phuentsholing.

Bhutan travel season: The best times to visit are the spring months of March, April, and May, and the autumn months of September, October and November. The winter months are cold at night, but the daytime temperatures are warm with bright, clear blue skies. Most high altitude trek routes are closed during winter but there are a number of low altitude treks which we offer for winter.  During the summer monsoon in June, July, August and early September, rain is expected. There are chances of road and flight problems, but every effort within Bhutan Gateway Travel capacity will be made to stick to original program.

Accommodation: Hotels and tourist lodges in Bhutan are comfortable but not luxurious. Although recently a few luxury hotels have been established in Bhutan, visitors in general can expect an unique combination of traditional Bhutanese style together with modern services, but not international five-star luxury all over Bhutan! Clean and well maintained, most of the hotels are equipped with telephones, fax machines and long distance service. The food offered to the visitors is carefully prepared to suit the western taste combining Bhutanese food and western dishes.

Currency: Bhutanese currency is the ngultrum (Nu). The approximate exchange rate is Nu 42 for one US dollar. The ngultrum is on par with the Indian rupee (both the Nu and Indian Rupee can be used in Bhutan). US dollars and dollar traveller's cheques can be exchanged at banks (hours 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Mon to Fri) and the larger hotels Ngultrum or rupees will be what you will need for your purchases while in the kingdom

People: There are two main population groups in Bhutan: the Dukpa (67%) of Tibetan and Monpa origin and Lhotsampa (of Nepalese origin).The rest comprises of indigenous tribal groups such as Toktop, Doya and Lepcha of SW Bhutan.

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