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Expedition in Pakistan                        Expedition in Pakistan is one of the popular destination for mountaineers /climbers. Pakistan is the core of the World's Greatest Mountain Chains. The Karakoram Himalaya, Hindu-Kush and the Pamir and Mountains are the walls that form Pakistan's long and carefully guarded frontiers with China, India, Afghanistan and across the narrow Wakhan Corridor towards Central Asia. The Karakoram and Himalaya are the most modern mountains in the World. About 55 million years ago, the northward drifting Indian geological plate collided with the Asian Plate, its northern edge nosing underneath the Asian Plate and pushing up the mountains. With five of the above 8000 meters peaks in the world including Mt. K2, Mount broad peak,  Mt. Gasher Brum I ,II and Mt. Nanga parbat . Pakistan has been the focus of some of the most outstanding achievements in the world of mountaineering. For many decades the dauntless icy and rocky mountains have posed as challenge to those who dare. There are more than 100 peaks in Pakistan open for mountaineering for foreign climbers.

                        Since Pakistan expedition has open ,Apex Nepal Adventure Trekking and expedition arrange numerous expedition in Pakistan. Through the ages these majestic and awesome mountains have lured nature lovers and adventurous mountaineers. Climbing permits to scale a mountain are issued in all seasons by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Pakistan in Islamabad. Certain official documents are required to seek permission for climbing peaks. Below 6000 meters peaks do not require liaison officer for expedition. Fees or royalties depend upon the altitude of the peak. Apex Nepal Adventure Treks and expedition arrange all required permit , climbing guide with co-operate local travel agency in Pakistan. We Apex Nepal Adventure Treks  & Expedition  heartily invite for Pakistan Himalaya climbers/mountaineers according to travelers holiday schedule.

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